Friday, October 17, 2014


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Halloween at Hogwarts

Halloween at Hogwarts 

I , Harry Potter woke up to the noise of screeching witches and the whooshing of their brooms through the night sky. I got up as quickly I could. I smelled dumplings, roast beef, cookie brownies, pizza sticks, mint muffins, and my favorite thing of all flat head cat fish,mmmm.
I was rushing to get to the Great Hall from my dorm room as I was walking down the moving stairs I saw ghosts playing peek a  Boo. I also saw a few caged dementores, scary stuff man.
Finally I got to the Great Hall I saw Nevel Longbottom, Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger. We all were in the Great Hall gorging in the food there. When Hormiones was done eating, she started to read a spell book. When everyone was so full they felt like they where going to Explode. The Desserts appeared out of the thin air. Then all the smells of the desserts made our mouths water so every body was eating again even though we were all stuff so full if you poked us we would explode with confetti or confetti cake. 
When we where all done we had a few activates like who could beat Ron Wesley at wizards chess. 

                                                GO GRIFFUNDOR

By Kobi E.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am

1. I learned the iMovie is hard.
2. I learned that i am talented.
3. i learned how kind i am