Friday, October 17, 2014


If i get 225 page viewers i will post more often like video game from Touch Ground BMX

Halloween at Hogwarts

Halloween at Hogwarts 

I , Harry Potter woke up to the noise of screeching witches and the whooshing of their brooms through the night sky. I got up as quickly I could. I smelled dumplings, roast beef, cookie brownies, pizza sticks, mint muffins, and my favorite thing of all flat head cat fish,mmmm.
I was rushing to get to the Great Hall from my dorm room as I was walking down the moving stairs I saw ghosts playing peek a  Boo. I also saw a few caged dementores, scary stuff man.
Finally I got to the Great Hall I saw Nevel Longbottom, Ron Wesley, Hermione Granger. We all were in the Great Hall gorging in the food there. When Hormiones was done eating, she started to read a spell book. When everyone was so full they felt like they where going to Explode. The Desserts appeared out of the thin air. Then all the smells of the desserts made our mouths water so every body was eating again even though we were all stuff so full if you poked us we would explode with confetti or confetti cake. 
When we where all done we had a few activates like who could beat Ron Wesley at wizards chess. 

                                                GO GRIFFUNDOR

By Kobi E.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am

1. I learned the iMovie is hard.
2. I learned that i am talented.
3. i learned how kind i am

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Can you guys or gals let me know what i should do different or what i should post or not post or if i made you mad or just got questions in any of my posts please leave it in my comments Thanks


Learning a new languages is fun and easy because you can speak like a German person or like some one from Poland or French which i am learning in french no is Non which i think learning a new languages is cool and when you learn a new languages  you can pass it down the generation so that when that person is old most of his or her family can speak with other people in the world and have fun doing it

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cross Country

Great job every body we did really good because there were a lot of hills at Albion


 There is nothing to fear but fear its self because bad things happen to everybody so put up your positive fist and fight fear just like Dare devil he made a silent promise to his farther to never give up and to fear nothing

Thursday, September 25, 2014


If you think you can't do any thing creative just copy a comic from a comic book i am not saying to plagiaries i am saying to copy it then make your own version then see where it takes you and all it takes is one person to believe in what you created or copied 

Monday, September 15, 2014

six word story


Dot day

the dot is the day to be creative who you really are not on the out side but on the in side what makes you you

Friday, September 12, 2014

                      Unforgettable school day 
Watch out for that dabre! Don't worry it was only satellite parts in space. Nine eight seven six five four three two one. Man that Hastings Museum field trip was a blast. 
I watched an awesome movie called space junk there are 12 different satellites orbiting the earth and If they collect all the satellite debris they could make five rocket ships! That is so interesting.  

We had lunch at the playground unfortunately that had part of everyday was about to happen done done done done done donaaa... Oh no I stepped in dog poop. Before I could eat I had to do floor mop shuffle in the grass.

Friday, August 29, 2014

BedRoom Writing

BedRoom Writing
Here is my room my bed is by my door and every once in a while a gardener snake will creep under my door and will make it stink in my room. Then it will help eat the bugs in my room and then wake me up from my beauty sleep. I flip the light switch then by by snake. There is a mysterious picture in my room that was painted before the titanic and it looks like it was wet once. My dresser has a clump of objects that are shiny or broken.

My tv is unique it has options that flat screen tv don’t like it has an option that you can put head phones in and listen to the tv all by yourself. My posters are really cool because they have 3d ish looking pictures and i have posters from my step dads old work place and if you like race cars you would like this posters. My room is in the basement and it is really weird that there is a window looking out under the house. I am rich beyond measure.